Guardians of the Tower v. Xûr, Agent of the Nine

This is one of those things that’s so up my alley I’m kind of annoyed with myself that I didn’t think of it first, though I realize the target audience for it (the intersection of Destiny players and people interested in reading legal motions) might not be huge.

Some context for people who might not play Destiny: Xûr is a NPC vendor that shows up in the Tower (the social hub of the game) on weekends to sell end-game weapons and armor. Xûr’s inventory is randomly generated every week, and this randomness is a common cause of grief for players looking for specific equipment to fill out their inventory.

The Complaint

Well, reddit user Agent–Orange decided to take action on behalf of all the City’s Guardians and filed a class action suit against Xûr for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

xurcomplaint1 xurcomplaint2 xurcomplaint3 xurcomplaint4

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